CleanerAll Ecological Glass Cleaner 5000ml (1,3gal)

CleanerAll Ecological Glass Cleaner 5000ml (1,3gal)

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The Glass and Mirroir liquid of 5000ml (1,3gal) cleaner fragrance-free and Non-Hazardous. It doesn't scratch.

Ideal product for both glass cleaner and mirroir for use: Kitchen, bathroom, salon, bedroom ... Cars, boats, sofa, ...


Removes light limescale. CleanerAll Cleans - Polishes - Protects

1.- Spray 20cm(8inc) from the surface to be cleaned.

2.- Clean with a cloth distribution the product.

3.- Optionally pass a dry microfiber cloth

Made from: Water. Sunflower oil based soap, lemon white vinegar. No phosphates, no perfume, no preservatives, no solvents, without dyes. 

Measurements: adjustable approx. Ø20 H24cm [7,87"Ø 9"H]